Friday, February 10, 2012

Lego Store in Milwaukee

I'm always happy to hear about a new shopping experience, and the Lego lover in me is really excited about this one.  "Lego" will be opening thier first store in Wisconsin, right here in our area at Mayfair Mall.  It is scheduled to open in May and will be located between Gymboree and Starbucks on the second level.  The store is rumored to offer a Pick-a-Brick wall, fun lego facts, and over two million legos in the store at one time. WOW!  My son has already opened his piggy bank in preparation for a Grand Opening Event.

I've been to Lego in Illinois and I know from experience how fun the pick a brick wall is.  It is set up like the grocery store candy bins with legos set up by color, shape and size.  This display is easy to shop and is the perfect place to find that "one" missing piece from your little one's set at home.  Some Illinois stores also offer Build-a-Figure sections where you can customize your own lego people right down to special hair color and syles.

50% Off at Dairy Queen

Rumor has it they're doing it again!  If you are spending time in West Bend this weekend and need to eat out, you may want to check out Dairy Queen.  Two weeks ago they had all of thier menu items on sale for 50% off, and I heard this Saturday they are doing it again.  The sale applies to ala carte items ( no combos including kids meals) and special order cakes.

Pantone Color Report

Pantone has released the Fall 2012 colors.  A little early you think??  The fashion world is two steps ahead and this is what will be happening when summer is long gone.  How does this save money you ask?? 

You can still be fashionable, and frugal.  Think of these colors when you are hitting the clearance racks this spring and summer.  You may be able to score a nice classic piece NOW to pair with something more trendy from this fall, saving you money for an on point wardrobe next winter.

Find out more about the 2012 colors here.