Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Totinos Pizza- Free Redbox Movie

This week at Walmart I found Totinos Pizza for $1.25 each. They usually go on sale at Pick N Save for $1.00 each, BUT the ones I found happend to have a code for a free redbox movie inside.

Get a coupon for $1.00 off of 4 pizzas here:

The drawbacks are:

1. Pizza is bad for you.
2. You have to go online to enter the free pizza codes and then copy down the free movie code.
3. You need to buy 4 pizzas to get one free movie.
The deal scenario is this...
$5 for 4 pizzas - $1 off of four= $4 out of pocket, and one free movie.
4. If you can get past the hoops you may become addicted to $4 pizza and movie combos.

additionally, if you printed the coupons NOW and WAITED until PNS has a sale and a Double Daze the deal will be better!
$4.00 for 4 pizzas- $2($1 off of 4x2)= $2.00 for 4 pizzas and one movie.

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