Monday, April 2, 2012

Pick N Save DOUBLE Double Day

Get your coupon clipping scissors ready!!  This Saturday (yes I know it is Easter weekend) Pick N Save is having another DOUBLE Double Day.  Saturday ONLY you will be able to double TEN manufacturer coupons rather than the regular five.  Restrictions include, $25 minumum purchase, 10 doubled coupon maximum, $1.00 or less coupon amount.

Stay tuned, I am hoping to post suggestions but for now....

Shopping Strategy


1.  View the Ad.
2.  Match coupons you have with sale items
3.  Select the offers that you need the MOST at this time


1.  Find your coupon items
2.  Keep track of your purchase size ($25 minimum is often easy to do with 10 coupon offers)
3.  STOP when you hit 10 coupons and $25+
4.  Repeat.  (my Pick N Save will allow cashiers to check out 2 grocery loads per shopper.)

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